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Mischief Matters

Mischief Matters is honored to be able to offer two guided play workshops at Lady’s Wicked Playground each month. Taught by both trained professionals and experienced players within the BDSM community, this class covers basic BDSM etiquette, language, technique, and tools. You will have the opportunity to learn about BDSM play and practices through a tastefully demonstrated presentation and interactive experience comfortable for all levels. Both workshops are especially recommended for couples where one of you is kinky and the other leans more towards vanilla.

Our Sensual Sado-Masochism 101 is your perfect opportunity to do something as a couple to spice up your love life and have fun in the process. Our couples workshop is designed for those of you who wish to take it to the next level through safe, sane and consensual play.

Our Sensual Sado-Masochism Workshop 102 is an in-depth guided play workshop designed to help each partner fulfill their partners’ needs. Through this workshop we will help each of you find your comfort level as you begin your journey to provide the satisfaction each partner craves; with focus on the significance of touch coupled with light sensual bondage. You will learn how to use dialogue to tease. You will experience how both mental and physical sadism can increase desire and intensity. Our Sensual Sado-Masochism Workshop 102 is unique in that instructors actually guide you through a play experience. Your comfort level is paramount to us and all couples are welcome to interact at their own level. For some, this may mean partial or full nudity and may result in uninhibited expression. We recommend this workshop especially for newer couples beginning their lifestyle journey. However, seasoned couples who enjoy exhibitionism or are just beginning to experiment with it will benefit greatly as well. It is also an excellent alternative to a weekend play party that may not fit your schedule or comfort level… just yet.

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